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Fair Pricing


Overpriced & complicated mattresses mean higher prices for you, we're taking a stand and saying down with this sort of thing!

Our mattress costs less than the major brands because we approach things differently.

We Promise Never To,

*Work with greedy middlemen. We partner directly with the makers, by doing so we remove needless mark ups and pass the savings onto you.

*Use gimmicky pricing. The Easca is priced fairly and honestly, we don't inflate our prices just to aggressively discount later on

Use unnecessary components like,

*Springs. Why is coiled steel considered comfortable? Spring mattresses are mostly empty space, so you get mostly empty support and a higher price tag.

*Add layers for the sake of it - we've worked really hard to reduce our layers to the essential three. Pointless layers mean more glue, more glue means less airflow which results in a hotter more expensive sleep for you.


" Epic Mattress! Best mattress evah! The only downside so far is trying to get up in the morning - so comfortable. Have been in bed early every night since it arrived. I love it!!!! "

-- Madeline.

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